5 Critical Employee Retention Strategies

Quiet Quitting
There’s a lot of hype right now about ‘quiet quitting’, which is basically when an employee stops putting in 100% effort and does the bare minimum to hold their job. This sort of behavior has occurred for as long as people have been in the workforce. It’s nothing new. To avoid it, employees must be truly engaged in their work and respect and value their employer. The biggest challenge for employers right now is that some are fighting for talented workers and believe it is harder to let poor performers go because there may not be a better replacement.

There are ways to prevent employees (focus on the high performers!) from quitting and retaining loyal, committed, and high-performing employees for the long term.

These five critical strategies will lead to better retention, help you better align your people with your business goals, and result in stronger work performance and business outcomes.

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Jennifer Revels is a Consultant specializing in human resources and leadership coaching. With over 25 years of experience, Jennifer has helped countless leaders and small business owners with all facets of hiring and managing teams. Jennifer also offers advice on difficult conversations or changes in a way that minimizes legal risk.

What Others Say

I worked with Jenny on many occasions in addressing challenges and pursuing opportunities in the operations that I managed for Bliss Communications. She was a great partner, especially in the areas of improving staff performance and maximizing staff development. She brought strong problem-solving skills to our company and her ability to work effectively in our fast-pased environment made her a great assest to our organization. Jenny’s commitment to helping me was always high and she was always willing to put in extra effort.

Having worked with Jenny for close to two decades at Bliss Communications, we accomplished many milestones. The sensitive nature of hiring and firing in a FCC controlled environment requires conscientious management. Jenny assisted our broadcast operations in meeting legal requirements while operating with a view for what’s best for the bottom line. Jenny doesn’t always tell you want you want to hear. She operates as a consultant with the best medicine. (Then again, if I just want positive feedback, I’ll talk to myself.) Jenny is skilled at recruitment, benefits & compensation management, employee relations, organizational structure/job descriptions and legalities that I’d prefer to pawn off on someone else. If you want to grow your profits, concentrate on your top-line, then let her manage your human resources issues.
The assessments provided by Revels Consulting have been very insightful for me and my staff. These assessments helped us learn more about ourselves and our work styles but most importantly helped us learn the best ways to work together. The PI report gave us tips on best ways to interact with each other on work projects so that everyone can be happy and successful. The DISC report was very insightful into exactly what my leadership style is. It helped me see strengths and weaknesses so I can focus on where I need to improve to be a good leader for my team.